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What do you want in a pool cover?

Choosing the right type of cover for your pool is important. It must meet your requirements as well as your budget. We have developed several options for you to choose from:

Leaf Covers

A pool leaf cover is a very effective solution if you have a problem with leaves and debris.

It will save you hours every week scooping leaves from the bottom of your pool.

It will take only a few minutes to clean before you take it off.

It may well save your pool pump from damage if the skimmer basket clogs with leaves.

It can be folded into a compact bundle for economical storage.

It will keep animals such as ducks, frogs, lizards and small dogs out of your pool.

Note: A leaf cover is not a safety device.

Pool Blankets

A pool blanket will heat your pool by up to eight degrees Centigrade.  It achieves this in several ways:

Firstly, the translucent plastic allows sunlight to enter the pool to heat the water and pool shell.

Secondly, it insulates the water from colder air with bubbles sealed between two layers of plastic film.

Most importantly, it stops evaporation, which is the primary way in which pool water loses its heat.

You will save on chemicals.

You will save on water.

You will get limited protection from leaves and debris.


A roller is a must with all but the smallest pool blanket.

It also helps with the handling of a leaf cover but is not usually necessary.

Rollers come in a range of sizes and styles ranging from simple manual ones to battery or solar-powered electric. Under-bench and below-ground rollers are also becoming popular.

Most have powder coated end-frames, fiberglass reinforced hand-wheels and anodised aluminium tubes.

The life expectancy of a roller is around twenty years and they come with a ten year pro-rata warranty.