Since 1992


My expertise is in leaf and debris covers. However, I started the business in 1992, and for a short time, made pool safety covers to prevent drownings in backyard pools. For this, I developed attachment fittings that are better than anything available. I manufacture these fittings here in Newcastle and use them on my leaf covers and sell some to other manufacturers, Australia wide.

My premium fittings are the QuickClasp™

  • They are strong, with the ability to hold more than 100 Kg of force per fitting. They are also durable to withstand foot traffic and worse. I have used them for sandpits that are often topped up with the use of skid steer loaders. The anchor plates handle this severe treatment without any problem.
  • They are made of marine-grade stainless steel for a limitless life in saltwater and chlorine environments. Their milled surface finish hides scuffing and scratching if this occurs around your pool.
  • They are clog proof. Unlike many fittings that are inserted into holes drilled into the coping surface, these sit above the surface and do not trap dirt suspended in runoff. They even work perfectly around sandpits without ever needing to be cleaned despite being permanently filled with sand.
  • My original safety covers were made of fishing net, so I designed the hook not to snag in netting or any other objects around a pool. For this, I devised a ‘reverse hook’ that holds firmly only in the slot of the anchor plate and nothing else.
  • Attachments need to be quick and easy to use because a pool cover has, on average, 24 fittings. Seconds saved per fitting attaching and detaching add up to several minutes less work and more swimming per session. This advantage of my fittings ensures that a pool owner is far more likely to use their cover and enjoy their pool for a quick or even leisurely dip.
  • The stainless steel ladder lock buckles attached to the cover allow for quick tensioning and release. They are 70mm wide to better distribute the load on the hem. The two halves have interlocking teeth that go through the fabric and are screwed together for a permanent and secure grip.
  • A fine but flexible 1.6mm stainless steel cable made of 49 strands is sewn into the hem of a cover. This wire adds exceptional strength by spreading the load of the buckle fittings over the entire hem. In effect, the buckles tension the cable, and the cable tensions the fabric. This significantly reduces the high-stress points that tend to reduce the life of other covers.
  • The anchor plates are low profile – just six millimetres high. The corners and edges are smooth and rounded to be comfortable under feet of any size. They are perfectly safe around your pool.
  • Holes drilled into a pool’s coping are often a challenge to locate when attaching a cover. My fittings are easy to see, even if your coping is littered with leaves.
  • Their geometrical shape and fine finish give them an aesthetic appeal around any pool. This is evidenced by almost one hundred thousand QuickClasp fittings currently placed around swimming pools in the Hunter region, and further afield.