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If you have any questions about pool covers or my range of fittings, please email me at david@releafpoolcovers.com.au and I will reply by email as well as add the question and answer to this page if appropriate.  Comments and suggestions are also most welcome.


Q: Can I space the fittings further apart than recommended?

A: Yes, but the likelihood of the fitting tearing out of the cover increases because there is more load per fitting.  1.5 metres is the maximum spacing you should consider if the layout of the pool, such as a waterfall or rocks, requires wider spacing.  The rest of the fittings are best spaced 1.2 metres or less apart.


Q: Can I use more fittings than recommended?

A: Yes, but the time required to remove and reattach a cover increases the more fittings there are.  It is sometimes necessary to add extra fittings on the side of a cover facing strong prevailing winds to reduce the number of leaves that may blow in under the edge.  The optimum strength versus ease of use is 1.2 metre spacing on straight or slightly curved edges.


Q: Is it necessary to have a LeafCatcher installed in a cover.

A: No.  You may not want rainwater to dilute your pool chemicals if you live in a high rainfall area.  Rainwater can be siphoned off a cover using a garden hose weighted down with a brick or similar weight on the end.  Fill the hose from a tap to get the siphoning started.  There needs to be a point in your yard lower than the water level in the pool.  A drain under a tap can often provide a convenient low point for siphoning.  Leaves can block the siphon pipe unless a piece of mesh or shadecloth about 30cm by 30cm is laid flat over the end of the siphon pipe and under the weight.  If the water level is more than 5cm to 7cm below the coping, the stress on the fittings may cause the cover to tear before the rainwater overflows the cover.  Excess rainwater in the pool often provides an opportunity to back-flush your sand filter without wasting tap water.  It may be inconvenient and time consuming (hours) to siphon the water off your cover every time it rains.


Q: Can I empty the pool and leave a solar blanket attached.

A: This is not advisable.  The constant weight of the cover and maybe some debris pulling on the fittings will decrease the life of the cover around the fittings.  Even with a LeafCatcher installed, large puddles of water can build up on the cover and tear the fittings out.  Empty pools are prone to floating out of the ground in wet weather in some soil types and so they should never be left empty.


Q: Can people walk or lay on top of an Attached Solar Blanket?

A: Not only is this dangerous if someone breaks through the cover and goes under the solid material, it is likely to seriously damage the cover.


Q: Will an attached Solar Blanket deter wild ducks from my pool area?

A: Releaf Pool Covers has installed dozens of covers over the years to keep ducks out of pools and this has proven to be the only reliable way of keeping them away permanently.  Solar blankets and mesh leaf covers are an effective deterrent.  However, ducks form a habit of going to the same place every day and they may take a few days to leave your pool once there is no longer a reason for them to be there.