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How we started in the pool cover industry

In 1992, my sister Theresa worked as director of a pre-school in the Newcastle region. Tragedy struck when a sibling of one of her pre-school children drowned in the backyard pool of that family's home. This was very upsetting for the neighbourhood including those who knew the family from the pre-school .


Theresa had travelled to South Africa where pool fencing was not required by law. There she noticed pools were often covered by taught fishing nets that prevented drowning more effectively than fences did. We discussed the need for such a device in Australia and did some research on the subject. No supplier could be found. The obvious solution was to design our own system and we started a small business manufacturing and installing pool nets.


A change in direction

Unfortunately, for reasons to do with legislation and insurance, we stopped selling pool nets and started to sell shadecloth leaf covers instead. The stainless steel attachment fittings we had developed for pool nets evolved into a system ideally suited to leaf covers. The anchor plate, with its low profile and smooth rounded edges and corners, we found to be very popular because of its aesthetic appeal and safety around the swimming pool. The reverse hook, made for easy replacement of 25mm wide webbing strap, was designed not to snag with fishing net. This proved ideal for many other applications including leaf covers. The stainless steel tensioning buckle can easily be fitted to many different types of fabric including shade cloth.


We now sell our attachment system to a range of businesses and private individuals Australia wide. We invented the CurlyCleat for budget applications and supply them with either eyelets or banner clamps. All items can be purchased individually or as a set for the do-it-yourselfer.


We stand by our products

We stand by the quality of our workmanship. We offer a full five year repair or replacement warranty on our leaf covers and up to eight years supplier warranty on pool blankets and rollers. We do repairs to covers after occasional mishaps such as falling branches and rodent damage, but this cannot be covered by our warranty. We aim to keep every one of our customers satisfied with our product and have maintained that high standard for twenty four years and will continue to do so for the decades to come.